A Little

About me

Hello, my name is Barbara, and welcome to my online shop. I had been working for many years in the fashion industry when I realized my love of working with paper, even though I had worked with it many years beforehand.

I recall my degree collection when graduating st Martins college of Art and Design that it was a collection of paper dresses, and that when I started working in Italy (where I was working for 17 Years) not being very good yet with the Italian language I used to make small paper models of the clothes to explain my designs.

So working with paper something I had rooted inside many years before it was realized in this format. I started my first artworks- the bird collection, then the idea of the light came in the equation and possibilities expanded . I made custom artworks with light that changes using an app on the smartphone, and then the floor lights came. Same idea different objects.

The flowers are part of this bigger passion. I love the papers the colours and the shapes so projects started to be realized for different occasions, and slowly people began to embrace them, understand them and giving them a space in their environment and heart.


22 Vosporou street,
Agios Dometios, 2370


+357 99 475 645