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The Ray

This is a custom made artwork , portraying sea animals under the sea. The Ray is one of my favourite creatures ever since i saw one while swimming. It has left me speechless in the serenity and harmony of its movement. It was a magic moment.

This is a big artwork 220×120 cut out in paper, painted with spray paint and inserted in a plexi box. At the back there is an RGB light that connects to an app , where it is able to change colors and dim to change the environment. A unique piece of work. This particular one is already sold but other themes can be developed in the same technique.

Material: Paper and spray paint
Dimensions: 220 X120 cm X 20 depth
Weight: 15 kg
Price: According to size


22 Vosporou street,
Agios Dometios, 2370


+357 99 475 645